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Featured Speakers
Absalom Zamorano-Carrillo, Escuela Nacional de Medicina y Homeopatía, Mexico
Title: Computational prediction of a continuous peptide epitope reacting with pandemic influenza AH1N1
Alan S Cross, University of Maryland at Baltimore, USA
Title: Back to the future: Anti-endotoxin vaccines for multidrug-resistant gram-negative bacteria
Ali I. Fattom, NanoBio Corporation, USA
Title: Nanoemulsion delivery/adjuvant for eliciting mucosal immunity a key in protection against respiratory and sexually transmitted infections
Amanda Arnold, The Texas A&M University, USA
Title: Advancing wildlife biosurveillance and vaccine science: Epidemic preparedness at the human/animal interface
Amita Joshi, Merck & Co, USA
Andrea Facciabene, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, USA
Title: A Tumor Mitochondria Vaccine Protects Against Experimental Renal Cell Carcinoma
Andrew J Geall, GSK, USA
Title: Non-viral delivery of self-amplifying mRNA vaccines
Andrew Lees, Fina BioSolutions, USA
Title: Towards affordable conjugate vaccines: Efficient chemistry and low cost CRM197 carrier protein
Armando Zuniga, Virometix AG, Switzerland
Title: Synthetic Virus-Like Particles (SVLPs) for the development of fully synthetic prophylactic vaccines
Arvind Chhabra, University of Connecticut Health Center, USA
Title: Generation of donor specific customized anti-tumor T cells and antigen presenting cells for personalized cancer immunotherapy
Barbara K. Felber, National Cancer Institute, USA
Title: Novel DNA vaccine strategy to alter HIV immune hierarchy
Bernadette Ferraro, Inovio Pharmaceuticals, USA
Title: DNA vaccines for cancer immunotherapy
Betsy C. Herold, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, USA
Title: Vaccines for HSV prevention: Rethinking the role of neutralizing antibodies
Bok Luel Lee, Pusan National University, Korea
Title: Novel staphylococcal cell wall component functions as an antigen molecule of T cell subset: a valuable vaccine candidate for MRSA infection
Brian J. Czerniecki, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Title: Loss of anti-her-2 immunity and the potential for immune restoration in breast cancer therapy
Carmen Alvarez-Dominguez, Instituto de Investigacion Marques de Valdecilla, Spain
Title: A novel therapy for melanoma developed in mice: Transformation of melanoma into dendritic cells with Listeria monocytogenes
Catherine N. Kibirige, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, USA
Title: The use of ultra-sensitive laboratory developed assays in HIV-1 vaccine and cure research
Cécile BAUCHE, Theravectys, France
Title: Development of a new immunotherapeutic platform based on the use of lentiviral vectors
Charani Ranasinghe, The Australian National University, Australia
Title: Novel IL-4R antagonist and IL-13Ra2 adjuvanted HIV vaccines can induce excellent high quality T and B cell immunity
Christopher Heery, National Cancer Institute, USA
Title: Development of therapeutic cancer vaccines targeting the transcription factor, brachyury
Colin G. Hebert, LumaCyte, LLC, USA
Title: Rapid Viral Detection and Quantification Using Laser Force Analysis
Chul-Joong Kim, Chungnam National University, Korea
Title: Surface-display platform for mucosal vaccine against influenza and HPV infection
Dal Young Kim, University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA
Title: Next Generation Alphavirus-based expression systems and its application
Daniel H Zimmerman, CEL-SCI Corporation, USA
Title: Vaccines: Moving into IND enabling studies and beyond- using SBIR grants in part and as leverage
Daniel Janies, The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA
Title: Genes, evolution, and geography of pathogens
Daniel Wattendorf, DARPA Biological Technologies Office, USA
Title: Novel Nucleic Acid-Based Immunoprophylaxis Technologies
Dao Huang, Transgene Biopharmaceutical Technology, China
Title: The sero-prevalence of anti-adenovirus 5 neutralizing antibodies is independent of a chronic hepatitis B carrier state in China
De-chu Christopher Tang, VaxDome LLC, USA
Title: Activation of protective innate-adaptive immunity duo for conferring rapid-sustained-broad protection of vaccines against influenza
Denise L Faustman, Harvard Medical School, USA
Title: Resurgence of phase I-phase III global trials multi-dosing BCG for autoimmunity and allergies
Dennis Klinman, National Cancer Institute, USA
Title: Utility of CpG oligonucleotides as vaccine adjuvants
Diane Williamson, Defence Science & Technology Laboratory, UK
Title: Novel approach to therapeutic vaccination for bacterial infection
Douglas E. Brough, GenVec, Inc., USA
Title: Gorilla adenovirus vectors for molecular therapeutics and vaccines
Drew Hannaman, Ichor Medical Systems, Inc., USA
Title: Phase I Clinical Study of a Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis Virus DNA Vaccine Candidate Delivered by Electroporation Mediated Intradermal or Intramuscular Administration
Duane A. Mitchell, University of Florida, USA
Title: Vaccines targeting CMV antigens in glioblastoma
E George Elias, University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center, USA
Title: Sequential Intralesional Administration with Low Dose GM-CSF and IL-2 in Melanoma Lesions Can Induce Immense Antitumor Response that Reflects on Patient Survival
Eelko Hak, University of Groningen, The Netherlands
Title: Novel designs to assess conventional influenza vaccine effectiveness and potential role of universal vaccines
Emmanuel Drouet, Université de Grenoble-Alpes, France
Title: Epstein-Barr Virus in the breast cancer tissue: friend or foe?
Eric Aubin, Medicago, USA
Title: Progress in the clinical development of the plant-made influenza VLP vaccines
Eva van Doorn, University Groningen, The Netherlands
Title: National Differences in Requirements for Ethical and Competent Authority Approval for a Multinational Vaccine Trial under the EU Directive 2001/20/EC
Frank R. Jones, Etubics Corporation, USA
Title: A Novel HPV-16 Immunotherapeutic Vaccine Plus PD-1 Checkpoint Inhibition Results in Induction of Heightened Cell Mediated Immunity and Anti-Tumor Responses
Geert Vanden Bossche, Univac NV, Belgium
Title: Effective vaccine design back to the drawing board?
Genevieve G Fouda Amouou, Duke University Medical Center, USA
Title: HIV vaccine-elicited antibody responses in infants
George N Pavlakis, National Cancer Institute, USA
Title: New methods for vaccines and immunotherapies for HIV
Gergana Galabova, AFFiRiS AG, Austria
Title: PCSK9 vaccines – a novel immunotherapy for the treatment of hypercholesterolemia
Giulio Tarro, Temple University College of Science and Technology, USA
Title: Oncogenic viruses and tumor associated antigens vaccines
Greg A. Snyder, University of Maryland School of Medicine, USA
Title: Targeting intracellular toll-like and interleukin receptor signaling pathways for immune modulation and protection against lethal microbial infection
Hanping Feng, University of Maryland at Baltimore, USA
Hao Zeng, National Immune Products Engineering Technology Research Center, China
Title: Research progress in immune escape and immune prevention of MRSA Infection
Harry Kleanthous, Sanofi Pasteur, USA
Title: Universal influenza vaccines: Prevention of infection against matched and mismatched strains
Hira Nakhasi, Food and Drug Administration, USA
Title: Safety and effectiveness of genetically modified live attenuated Leishmania donovani vaccine candidates
Hatice Karauzum, NIH/NIAID, USA
Title: Site-specific Immune Requirements for Vaccine-mediated Protection and Immunopathology against Staphylococcus aureus
Indresh Srivastava, Protein Sciences, USA
Ingrid Scully, Pfizer, USA
Title: Designing a Staphylococcus aureus vaccine for a new century
Ivan Ruzic, BehaviorMatrix, LLC, USA
Title: Effective Global Pandemic Indications, Warning and Response Systems
Jae-Woong Lee, The Catholic University of Korea, South Korea
Title: Recombination analysis based on HAstV-2 and HAstV-8 complete genome in south korea
Jagannadha Sastry, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA
Title: Mucosal vaccination and checkpoint modulation for curative therapy of HPV cancers
James Mond, ADMA Biologics Inc, USA
Title: Intravenous immune globulin (IGIV) containing high titer neutralizing antibodies to respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and other respiratory viruses (RI-002)
Jane Homan, EigenBio LLC., USA
Title: A systems biology approach to vaccine design: We have found the epitopes and they are us
Jay A Berzofsky, National Cancer Institute, USA
Title: Cancer Vaccines: Translation from mice to human clinical trials
Jay H. Bream, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, USA
Title: Heterotypic T cell responses to inactivated and live attenuated seasonal influenza vaccines
Jeevan Malaiyan, Sri Muthukumaran Medical College Hospital and Research Institute, India
Title: Studies on mumps virus infection, genotype identification of circulating strains among MMR vaccine recipients
Jeffrey I. Cohen, Medical Virology Section, LID, NIH , USA
Title: Epstein-Barr virus vaccines
Jennifer Schwartz, Profectus Biosciences, USA
Title: Full length single chain, a novel gp120-CD4 fusion HIV subunit vaccine, does not cause a deleterious autoimmune CD4 response in cynomolgus macaques
Jianhua Le, New York Medical College, USA
Title: Development of high yield reassortants for influenza type B viruses and analysis of their gene compositions
John F Kearney, University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA
Title: Can anti-streptococcal vaccines be used to protect against fungal infections?
John Robert Coleman Codagenix, Inc., USA
Title: An Ultra-low Dose Live Influenza Vaccine Enabling Rapid Production
Joost Oppenheim, National Cancer Institute, USA
Title: The antitumor effects of the HMGN1 alarmin
Jorge Blanco, Sigmovir Biosystems, Inc., USA
Title: Deciphering Maternal Transfer of Immunity for optimization of RSV vaccination in future mothers
Jose M Galarza, TechnoVax, Inc., USA
Title: A Virus-Like Particle (VLP) Respiratory Syncytial Virus Vaccine Composed of Distinct Conformation of the F Glycoprotein F Affords Complete Protection Against RSV Challenge in a Murine Model of the Disease
Juan Carlos Zapata, University of Maryland at Baltimore, USA
Title: Vaccine platforms for lassa fever
K. Gus Kousoulas, LSU-Tulane NIH Center for Biomedical Research Excellence, USA
Title: Intramuscular vaccination with the live-attenuated herpes simplex virus type-1 vaccine strain VC2 generates robust immune responses in rhesus macaques and fully protects mice against lethal intravaginal and intraocular infection
Kathy L. Rowlen, InDevR, Inc., USA
Title: Influenza HA Potency in Monovalent and Quadrivalent Formulations
Kathleen Hefferon, University of Toronto, Canada
Title: Plant-derived vaccines for developing countries
Kenneth Bagley, Profectus Biosciences, USA
Title: An IL-12 adjuvanted HSV-2 DNA vaccine is more protective than a glycoprotein D subunit vaccine in a high-dose murine challenge model
Kimberly S. Schluns, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center , USA
Title: Production of soluble IL-15 complexes by pathogen infections and adjuvants
Kishore Alugupalli, Thomas Jefferson University, USA
Title: Identification of a basis for the impaired responses to bacterial polysaccharide vaccines in young children
Krishnamurthy Konduru, Food and Drug Administration, USA
Title: Evaluation of ebolavirus glycoprotein Fc fusion protein as a subunit vaccine
Kwong Y Tsang, National Cancer Institute, USA
Title: Immune responses of carcinoma patients to tumor ­associated antigens
Latifynia Afshineh, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran
Title: Cytokine assay (ILs 4, 10, 12, 17, 23, IFN-γ), CD8+& CD4+ in pre challenge Balb/c mice vaccinated by the Leishmania major new vaccine
Leonard Friedland, GSK, USA
Title: Vaccine e adjuvant science
Linda McKibben, Food and Drug Administration, USA
Title: Working Together to Advance Vaccinomics in Efficacy and Safety Studies
Lewis Schrager, AERAS, USA
Title: Developing vaccines for tuberculosis: Current challenges and strategies
Magdalena Tary Lehmann, Cellular Technology Limited, USA
Title: Adjuvant-guidance of T cell mediate immune responses
Malabi M. Venkatesan Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, USA
Title: Live attenuated anti-dysentery shigella vaccine candidates
Manuel Elkin Patarroyo, Fundacion Instituto de Inmunologia de Colombia, Colombia
Title: Immune Protection Inducing Synthetic Protein Structures (IMPIPS): The New vaccines
María Marcela Barrio, Centro de Investigaciones Oncológicas-Fundación Cáncer, Argentina
Title: A randomized Phase II study of the CSF-470 therapeutic vaccine plus BCG plus rhGM-CSF versus IFN-α2b in Cutaneous Melanoma patients stages IIB, IIC and III
Marina Boukhvalova, Sigmovir Biosystems, Inc., USA
Title: Vaccines against HSV-2 and HSV-1 genital herpes: lessons from the cotton rat model
Maria Eugenia Rodrigez, UNIVERSIDAD NACIONAL DE LA PLATA, Argentina
Title: Pertussis vaccine efficacy against old and novel circulating bacteria can be improved by the addition of two new vaccine candidates
Marjorie Robert-Guroff, National Cancer Institute, USA
Title: Uncovering a sex bias in SIV vaccine-induced protection
Mark A. Tomai, 3M Company, USA
Title: The use of the TLR 7/8 agonist 3M-052 as a potent vaccine adjuvant
Mark L Bagarazzi, Inovio Pharmaceuticals, USA
Title: Histologic Regression of Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia (CIN) after Treatment with VGX-3100, Therapeutic HPV16/18 DNA Vaccine
Mark S Riddle, Navy Medical Research Center, USA
Title: Updates in shigella vaccine development
Martin Moore, Emory+Children's Center for Childhood Infections and Vaccines (CCIV), USA
Title: A novel live, attenuated respiratory syncytial virus vaccine with rationally designed immunogenicity, stability, and enhanced pre-fusion F expression
Masato Okamoto, Kitasato University School of Pharmacy, Japan
Title: Development of dendritic cell-based cancer vaccine in Japan
Michael A. Barry, Mayo Clinic, USA
Title: Single-cycle replicating adenovirus vaccines
Michael G Hanna, Vaccinogen Inc., USA
Title: The provocative issue of tumor genomic heterogeneity in immunotherapy
Michael Hust, Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany
Title: Developing human and human-like antibodies against pathogens and toxins for diagnostics and therapy
Michael J. Lacy, Emergent BioSolutions, USA
Title: Fewer Linear Epitopes with a squalene formulation
Mitsuru Akashi, Osaka University, Japan
Title: Nanoparticle Vaccine: Antigen Protein Delivery to Dendritic Cells Using Amphiphilic Poly(amino Acid) Derivatives‏
Mohammad Javad Gharagozlou, University of Tehran, Iran
Title: Evaluation of serum levels of IL-17 and Il-23 and spleen white pulp changes of Balb/C mice following administration of new formulation of Leishmania major antigen as provisional vaccine
Monjori Mitra, Institute of Child Health, India
Title: Long term follow-up study to evaluate immunogenicity and safety of a single dose of live attenuated Hepatitis A vaccine in children
Myron M. Levine, University of Maryland School of Medicine, USA
Title: Vaccines Against Invasive Salmonella Infections
Nabil Al-Humadi, FDA/CBER, USA
Title: Pre-clinical toxicology considerations in vaccine
Nicolas Çuburu, National Cancer Institute, USA
Title: Viral vector-based prime/boost vaccination to maximize tissue-resident memory T cell responses in the cervicovaginal mucosa
Norman W. Baylor, Biologics Consulting Group, Inc., USA
Title: Regulatory perspective on the evaluation of new vaccine technologies
Osama Rahma, University of Virginia, USA
Title: A novel clinical trials design for combination therapy of cancer vaccines and immune modulators
Par Comstedt, Valneva Austria GmbH, Austria
Title: Design and development of a novel vaccine for protection against Lyme borreliosis
Peter Johannes Holst, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Title: Genetic adjuvants that improve the T cell and antibody response induced by virus-vectored vaccines
Peter Timms, University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia
Title: Progress towards the development a chlamydial vaccine for koalas
Qihan Li, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, China
Title: The characterized immune response and the evaluation vaccines of EV71 and CA16
Ravi A. Madan, National Cancer Institute, USA
Title: Integrating therapeutic cancer vaccines into treatment for prostate cancer
Rezwanul Wahid, University of Maryland School of Medicine, USA
Title: Cross-reactive multifunctional T cell responses to Salmonella enterica serovars in humans
Robert W Malone, RW Malone MD, LLC, USA
Title: Ebola Vaccine in 12 months, Global Village, and the Need for Speed
Scott C. Quinlan, HealthCore, Inc. USA
Title: Lessons learned from studying vaccination administration and completion using a large administrative claims database
Shahin Gharakhanian, Cambridge Innovation Center, USA
Title: Methodological challenges in the clinical development of HIV therapeutic vaccines for the functional cure of HIV infection
Shiladitya DasSarma, University of Maryland School of Medicine, USA
Title: Gas Vesicle Nanoparticles for Antigen Display and Vaccine Development
Sita Awasthi, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Title: A genital herpes vaccine that targets viral entry and blocks evasion of host immunity
Sushma Kommareddy, Novartis, USA
Title: Prospects and challenges for microneedle delivery of influenza vaccines
Tarek Fahmy, Yale University School of Medicine, USA
Theodore Schenkelberg, Human Vaccines Project, USA
Title: The human vaccines project: Changing the paradigm of Vaccine R&D
Thomas H. King, GlobeImmune, Inc., USA
Title: Whole recombinant yeast-based vaccines for the prevention and treatment of multidrug resistant tuberculosis
Timothy Fouts, Profectus Biosciences, USA
Title: Balance of cellular and humoral immunity determines the level of protection by HIV vaccines in rhesus macaque models of HIV infection
Tian Wang, University of Texas Medical Branch, USA
Title: Role of toll-like receptor signaling in regulating adaptive immunity against a candidate live attenuated West Nile virus vaccine strain infection
Tong-Ming Fu, Merck Research Laboratories, USA
Title: A replication defective human cytomegalovirus (CMV) vaccine
Ulrike Diesterbeck, NIH/NIAID, USA
Title: Neutralizing recombinant human antibodies against the vaccinia virus d8 protein derived from an immunized immunoglobulin library
Ursula Buchholz, NIH/NIAID, USA
Title: Development of live attenuated RSV vaccines
Urszula Krzych, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, USA
Title: Identification of novel pre-erythrocytic malaria antigens that enhance protection induced by circumsporozoite protein vaccines
Wataru Akahata, VLP Therapeutics LLC, USA
Title: Development of a malaria vaccine using an alphavirus virus-like particle (i-aVLP) platform
Wayne R. Hogrefe, Focus Clinical Trials, USA
Title: Tools to assess immunogenicity in the human ebola vaccine trials
Yehia Abugabal, International Cancer Research Center, Egypt
Title: Cancer vaccines: a novel approach to cancer
Young Chul Sung, POSTECH, Korea
Title: Therapeutic HPV DNA vaccine from bench to clinic
Yu-jeong Won, The Catholic University of Korea, South Korea
Title: Full-length genomic sequence of sapovirus isolate in south korea
Yun Wu, Protein Potential LLC, USA
Title: Development of a live attenuated oral vaccine against shigellosis and typhoid fever
Zhikang Peng, University of Manitoba, Canada
Title: Peptide-based and virus-like particle therapeutic vaccines for allergic and autoimmune diseases
Keynote Speakers
Jay A Berzofsky
Jay A Berzofsky,
National Cancer Institute, USA
Robert W Malone
Robert W Malone,
RW Malone MD, LLC, USA
Manuel Elkin Patarroyo
Samir N. Khleif,
GRU Cancer Center, USA
Myron M. Levine
Myron M. Levine,
University of Maryland School of Medicine, USA
Norman W. Baylor
Norman W. Baylor,
Biologics Consulting Group, Inc., USA
Manuel Elkin Patarroyo
Manuel Elkin Patarroyo,
Fundacion Instituto de Inmunologia de Colombia, Colombia
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